The Key To Staying Sane While Working From Home

staying sane while working at home

But, whether you like to admit it or not your mind craves consistency. And science backs this up, showing that routines can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, can lessen depression, and can boost your mood. Routine can also help you to maintain your physical health during stressful times. Here are some tips to get started: How to Create a Routine for Working from Home 1. Morning Routine. What you do in the morning can have a huge impact on […]

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5 Ways to Make Budgeting Fun

5 Ways to Make Budgeting Fun

Guest post by Dani Schultz, Co-Founder of Bucks & Dough. She is all about helping you live an all-around wealthy life.   Budgets are cool and can be fun to both create and stick to. You don’t have to dread staying on a budget. Budgets are not a punishment; they are in place to help you be creative, money-conscious and help you create more wealth! First off, if you have never created a budget before, I recommend you first track […]

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eShakti Review: Customizable Dresses with Pockets!

Can’t find a dress that fits? Or maybe you find a dress you like, but the neckline, sleeve, or length isn’t the way you like it? If you said yes, then I guarantee you will love eShakti! Trying on dresses is one of my least favorite things until I discovered I like their dresses so much I decided to do a try-on video, an eShakti review, and provide tips for getting your best fit! Honestly, every time I go […]

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Want to Be More Productive? Now You Can by Using the Pomodoro Technique!

pomodoro technique

Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with? I would love to get more done in less time. I would love to stop procrastinating. I would love to feel more focused. I would love to stop feeling overwhelmed about my to-do list. I can easily learn this technique (I will answer this for you: YES you can!) If you agree with one or all of these statements then you will love the Pomodoro technique.   I first learned about […]

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How to Create an Achievement Board

how to create an achievement board

Hi there! I hope your New Year is starting out well! I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed by all of the posts and emails about New Year’s resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I do think goal setting is extremely important. Yet, I also think it’s just as important to reflect on your accomplishments and what is going well in your life. This is because as humans, we’re quick to forget about our accomplishments. We move on to […]

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The Step by Step Guide to Setting Goals For a Happier Life

Guest post by Sarah Langner, a relationship and connection coach. She serves her clients by guiding them as they strengthen the relationships that matter to them. She supports them as they discover who they are, their deeper purpose, and she keeps them accountable as they make the changes they want in order to live their life according to their deeper purpose. I get it! You want to be happier. You want to be healthier, and you want to accomplish your […]

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Stop Living Passively and Start Living Intentionally

living intentionally

Guest post by Samantha Warren, a personal development and wellness blogger based in Miami, FL. She writes productivity, mental health, and lifestyle posts to help you build a life you love. Samantha wants you to be the star of your own show! Living a passive life is like writing in passive voice. It’s less interesting. It’s not impactful or memorable. When you live passively, you simply go through the motions, take care of your responsibilities, and function on autopilot. There […]

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5 Steps to Mental Health Awareness at Work

mental health awareness

Guest Post by Dr. Valeria (Lo Iacono) Symonds. Valeria provides training for Mindfulness in the Workplace. She has taught the social sciences at the University of Bath (UK) and Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK). In recent years we have moved forward enormously when it comes to better understanding mental health in the workplace. I think a lot of people are much less afraid of seeking help for mental issues these days and there is less need to feel alone at work, […]

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Gift Guide 2019: The Best Health and Wellness Gifts

gift guide

The Holiday season is quickly approaching! I wanted to make it easy for you this Holiday season, so I’ve created a gift guide for all of your health and wellness loving friends! Check out 26 of my favorite gift ideas in the gift guide below. And feel free to add a few of these to your own wish-list, too! 1. Paleo & Keto Friendly Wine (Dry Farms Wine) A must in the gift guide is Dry Farm Wines. They lab-test […]

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How to Clear Brain Fog and Reclaim Your Day

brain fog

Do you ever begin a task and almost immediately forget what you’re doing? Or maybe you feel like you’re in a cloud and moving much slower than everyone around you? Or while speaking with someone, you completely lose your train of thought? If you can relate to any of these experiences, then you’re likely dealing with brain fog. But, the good news is that there are several powerful, researched-based ways to beat brain fog so that you start feeling better […]

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