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DIY Moisturizing Foaming Hand Soap for Dry, Cracked Skin

foaming hand soap

Treat yourself with this moisturizing foaming hand soap to prevent and relieve dry, cracked skin. In the past, I would dread winter because I knew that meant my hands would become extremely dry. They would be dry to the point that I would get cracks in my skin and bleed. It was embarrassing and painful. Thankfully, I recently came across a way to make my own hand soap that prevents dry, cracked skin. And I feel good about my family […]

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DIY Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist: Relax and Fall Asleep Fast

diy pillow mist

I absolutely love using a pillow mist to help me relax and fall asleep fast. I have been using the Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist made by Bath & Body Works for a few months. However, since I’m switching all of my conventional products with natural options, this was one of the products at the top of my list. This article includes a recipe and instructions to easily make your own lavender vanilla pillow mist using essential oils. This pillow […]

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Forget Dryer Sheets, Try Alpaca Dryer Balls

alpaca dryer balls

I never thought I would be writing a post about alpaca dryer balls. But, after using them for several months, I am convinced that they are awesome and I will never need to buy dryer sheets again. They cut down on drying time, make your laundry soft, and you can use essential oils to leave your laundry smelling amazing. No artificial fragrances or chemicals here! Why Use Alpaca Dryer Balls? As I mentioned in my post, 6 Proven Reasons to […]

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Native Deodorant Review and Exclusive Offer

native deodorant image

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a fresh, simple, natural deodorant that actually works? Luckily, after a thorough and sometimes stinky search, I found the perfect natural deodorant: Native Deodorant. Before finding Native I purchased tons of other brands and ALL of them were a total bust. Some were sticky, some were chalky and left residue on my clothing (even after washing them), some had weird scents that gave me a headache, and worst of all most of them left […]

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