4 Incredible Benefits of Intermittent Fasting For Women


Are you looking for an effective way to reach your health and fitness goals? Intermittent fasting (IF) has become a popular dietary pattern that can help you achieve your desired body weight and health without making any extreme changes to your eating habits. Although studies have found IF to be beneficial for both men and women, this article will focus specifically on the benefits of intermittent fasting for women, so read on if you want to discover more about the […]

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How to Regain Sense of Smell Naturally

The coronavirus has had a massive impact on our society. It has changed social constructs, our ability to travel, and how we see the world. In addition to the ways COVID-19 has impacted our world as a whole, it has affected us physically, some more than others. One of the most common, long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 is smell dysfunction. In fact, 50-75% of those who test positive experience loss of smell (also known as anosmia). It’s also common for COVID […]

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How to Create The Perfect Sleep Care Regimen

sleep meditation

Our bedtime routines can make or break good health. When we get good rest, we nourish our minds, bodies, and spirit. Setting a solid sleep care practice will leave you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated. You can elevate your bedtime through many practices. Ready to create your sleep care routine? These tips will help you get the best sleep possible every night. The Science Behind Sleep Before we can discuss proper sleep routines and how to make the most of bedtime, let […]

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Collagen Supplements: Your Essential Guide

marine collagen supplement

You’ve probably heard of collagen supplements before, but you might not know exactly what they are or why collagen is important to your health. Many people don’t realize that as we age our bodies produce less and less collagen. As a result, skin begins to sag, muscles begin to weaken and joint mobility suffers – leading to osteoarthritis in the knees and hips. This can be extremely painful for those suffering from this condition. Today, I’ll go over everything you […]

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How to Get Rid of PMS Symptoms for Good

supplements to stop PMS symptoms

Do your period symptoms interfere with your workouts and maybe even your daily life? Have you given in to the myth that you’re meant to suffer from PMS and there’s nothing that can be done? Well, today I am going to tell you about two supplements for PMS that can help to get rid of your symptoms so that you can reclaim your life. Why is this important? More than 80 percent of women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to some […]

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How to Boost Your Immune System with Just Three Supplements

how to boost your immune system

There are hundreds of supplements on the market that claim they boost your immune system. And while they may all help in their own unique way, some of them are expensive and some may not be as effective as others. With this article, I will provide you with the top three supplements to boost your immune system. These are easy to find on Amazon or at your local drugstore. They are also research-based and cost-effective. These are the supplements that […]

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Gift Guide 2019: The Best Health and Wellness Gifts

gift guide

The Holiday season is quickly approaching! I wanted to make it easy for you this Holiday season, so I’ve created a gift guide for all of your health and wellness loving friends! Check out 26 of my favorite gift ideas in the gift guide below. And feel free to add a few of these to your own wish-list, too! 1. Paleo & Keto Friendly Wine (Dry Farms Wine) A must in the gift guide is Dry Farm Wines. They lab-test […]

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How to Clear Brain Fog and Reclaim Your Day

brain fog

Do you ever begin a task and almost immediately forget what you’re doing? Or maybe you feel like you’re in a cloud and moving much slower than everyone around you? Or while speaking with someone, you completely lose your train of thought? If you can relate to any of these experiences, then you’re likely dealing with brain fog. But, the good news is that there are several powerful, researched-based ways to beat brain fog so that you start feeling better […]

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Interview with Sonya North, SnackRoots Founder & CEO

My son’s birthday is coming up and his friend has food allergies, what snacks can I serve? I signed up to bring snacks for the soccer team, I think there are nut and milk allergies, what snacks are safe? If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, then you will be excited to learn about SnackRoots. SnackRoots is a web app that makes it simple to create lists of safe snacks. All you have to do is select your […]

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