How to Get Rid of PMS Symptoms for Good

supplements to stop PMS symptoms
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Do your period symptoms interfere with your workouts and maybe even your daily life? Have you given in to the myth that you’re meant to suffer from PMS and there’s nothing that can be done? Well, today I am going to tell you about two supplements for PMS that can help to get rid of your symptoms so that you can reclaim your life.

Why is this important?

More than 80 percent of women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to some degree (source). For most, PMS symptoms are mild, but others have symptoms severe enough to disrupt everyday activities.

But, here’s the deal…

Many symptoms that we experience before and during our periods are due to a deficiency in specific nutrients and minerals. So, by getting the optimal amount of these nutrients and minerals we can avoid and ease many of our period symptoms.

In this article, you will learn about how to track your cycle, what supplements are best for period symptoms, and how to take them so that you can tackle your symptoms.

How to Track Your Period

Before you start to take supplements for period symptoms it’s important that you track your menstrual cycle. This is because some supplements are best taken during certain times of your cycle. And it’s amazing to see the decrease in symptoms as the months go on!

The app that I use is called MyFlo. This app helps you to track your period, track any symptoms you experience throughout the month and provides suggestions for recurring symptoms. And it alerts you with a notification when your period is about to start so that you don’t leave home unprepared.

This app has so many helpful features and it’s totally free. However, you may prefer to use a calendar or printable tracking sheet. If so, here are the most common premenstrual and period symptoms to track:

the most common period symptoms

The Must-Have Supplements for PMS

When you start tracking your symptoms and using these supplements, you will notice that your symptoms will decrease and maybe even go away altogether. The best supplements for PMS symptoms include magnesium and zinc.

Magnesium for PMS Symptoms

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a part in over 300 enzymatic reactions inside the body. It is essential for the normal functioning of cells, nervous system, muscles, bones and the heart.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for women because of its ability to relax muscles and reduce cramping, regulate mood swings, can decrease inflammation.

Magnesium also lowers cortisol production, thereby helping to reduce anxiety symptoms and hormonal acne.

Research on magnesium has also found it to be a safe and inexpensive option for migraine prevention and a treatment for headaches (source).

Benefits of magnesium for PMS symptoms

When to Take a Magnesium Supplement for Period Symptoms

If you choose to use a magnesium supplement it’s important to take it daily. This is because magnesium needs to be absorbed by your body over time to be effective.

I take my supplement at night just before bedtime because it also has a calming effect that helps you sleep.

Tips for Purchasing a Magnesium Supplement for PMS

When purchasing magnesium look for magnesium glycinate chelate. This type of magnesium is gentle on your body and absorbed easily. The dosage recommended by the American Physiological Society is 320 to 500 mg daily for women.

The supplement that I take is Life Extension Magnesium Caps. I also use topical Magnesium Oil for occasional muscle soreness and cramps. The brand I use is Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray.

Zinc for PMS Symptoms

One in three women are deficient in zinc (source). It is more common in vegetarians and vegans because there’s little zinc in plant foods. In addition, zinc absorption can be impaired by alcohol, stomach medication, hypothyroidism, and hormonal birth control.

Zinc is an important nutrient for women’s health and is a powerful treatment for acne and period symptoms.

Here’s how…

Zinc reduces inflammation to decrease period pain, helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, supports the thyroid, and decreases cortisol and the stress response.

Zinc also helps to clear acne by blocking androgens, killing bacteria, and reducing keratin production (source).

Overall, zinc plays an important role in the body and deficiency can lead to or greatly contribute to symptoms experienced.

benefits of zinc for PMS symptoms

When to Take a Zinc Supplement for Period Symptoms

A safe and effective dose of zinc is 30mg/day for the full two weeks prior to your period (source). You may want to take it with a meal because it may cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach.

Tips for Purchasing a Zinc Supplement for PMS

The best type of zinc for PMS symptoms is zinc citrate, which is easily absorbed by your body.

The brand that I use is Solgar Zinc Citrate 30 mg.

The Bottom Line

Magnesium and zinc are essential nutrients that you need to break free of your PMS symptoms. While you can get these nutrients through food, supplements can help ensure that you’re getting the optimal amount and reduce the risk of a deficiency.

Of course, not all supplements for PMS are created equal. It’s important to look for high-quality products that have been tested to ensure quality and accuracy like the ones mentioned in this article.

If you’re concerned about your period symptoms, it’s also important to speak with your healthcare provider.

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